The Search for the Great Pumpkin

Saturday, October 21, 2000

Sturbridge, Mass. (TCNE/NER)


The final scores and results for The Search 2000 are here.

We thank all of you for attending, especially those of you who were concerned about the T-word (aka TRAP) and those first and second timers that I may have overwhelmed with a simultaneous introduction to both the NER Regs and the rally's General Instructions. That's quite a bit of material to deal with over a short period of time. Thanks for trusting the Head Beagle and giving it a try. (Actually, trusting The Beagle can be hazardous to your scores. Ask Registrar Mary Beth Folsom about "LRI TRUST US" - a mean and nasty LRI that led to many Max leg scores on a National Search.)


This event owes its apparent success to the outstanding performances and efforts of the Committee, the control workers and a couple of competitors. The Sine Qua Non are:


NER/SCCA Safety Steward - Barbara Ciesla

NER/SCCA Pre-Check - Mary Beth Folsom & Barbara Ciesla

Registration - Mary Beth Folsom & Kay Rerick

Scoring - Mary Beth Folsom, Sandi Mead, Kay Rerick and Fred Mapplebeck

Hospitality - Kay Rerick & Mary Beth Folsom

Controls - Barbara Ciesla (Chief of Controls), Mike Collier, Josh Muszynski, Kirk Rerick, Craig, mark Johnson, Bob Schlain, Tom Ciesla, Maryanne Rhodes, Sandi Mead, Mary Beth Folsom and Kay Rerick

Course Measurement - Tom Ciesla

Course Advisors - Jolyan Butler and Glenn Folsom

Official Observer - Patti Mikkelson


Miscellaneous Trivia:

• Highest average leg score was on Leg 2 (with "Turn at Zaicek Rd." Pumpkin trap), seven max scores

• Lowest average score was on Leg 8 (short leg leading into U-Turn control), only leg without a max score

• There were no zeros in the AM section, but there were 13 zeros in the PM section. (A possible link between zeros and food consumption was also demonstrated at the Lighthouse Depot National rally in September. Further studies are required to verify a casual relationship.)

• Visits to the Great Pumpkin:

1 - (Turn at Zaicek Rd.) - 200 points - 13 visitors (including two from the wrong direction!)

2 - (Stay on Saw Mill Hill Rd.) - 150 points - 10 visitors

3 - (One NRI at island) - 200 points - 13 visitors

4 - (U-turn at Control) - 300 points - 4 visitors (including an "accidental" visit by car 22 while heading home)

5 - (Stay on County Rd.) - 150 points - 10 visitors

Based on the frequency of visits, the assigned Penalty Points for Great Pumpkins 1 & 2 probably should have been switch with 2 & 5.

• Cars 16 and 20 made all the visits; cars 3, 4, 10, 13 & 27 will have to wait until another time to earn their first Pumpkin decal.

• Pumpkin Patch: Congrats to Paula Hooper, Car 9, on her winning entry of 6.05 minutes and lowest score (5) not tied with another score. (The Search's biggest surprise: only 34 of a possible 54 entries were received for the Pumpkin Patch Contest's $50 prize.)


Keep Searching,

Mark Rerick, Chairman and Rallymaster

(For results, click here)