Touring Club of New England

2003 Friday Night Series Standings

as of 21 June 2003
Total PointsMarch MadnessFirst Day OutMayflowerThe Longest AfternoonJuly RallyAugust RallyOctober Rally
Carl Baker 10 A1A 2B
Peter Beale 10 D 1D
Hank Black 8 D 2D
Andrew Boardman 28 C1B1B1C 2C1C
Adam Brodeur 10 A 1A
Scott Eggimann 8 D 2D
Ken Elwell 18 D 1D2D
Andrew English 8 W
Stephanie Gosselin 8 W
Douglas Hagerman 58 B2BRM1B1B 1BRM
James Hagerman 8 B2B
John Howard 20 A1A1A
Jim Katz 30 C RM1CRM
Michelle Liguori 10 D 1D
Rich Macchi 8 C 2C
Fred Mapplebeck 38 AW 2BW 1ARM
Steve McKelvie 8 W
Chris Outzen 10 D 1D
Laurel Unger Richman 18 C 1CW
Bob Sauer 10 D 1D
Rachel Sauer 10 D 1D
Nicholas Shectman 58 CRM1CRMW 1C1C
Will Turano 20 B1B1B
Carsten Turner 18 D 1D2D

Non-members not listed. We appreciate our non-member workers! New members will have worker points applied retroactively upon joining.

Please review these standings and bring any questions or discrepancies to the attention of the club.

2001 championship standings are also available.